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China User Engagement

Since 2003

Everlyne Yu

∗ Public Speaker
∗ Corporate Trainer
∗ China Marketing Guru
∗ SaaS Authority
∗ Influential Writer.


∗ Training enhances UX
∗ Projects strong brand
∗ China Marketing Skills
∗ On site angel coaching
∗ Workshops, Seminars

China Marketing

∗ Baidu Optimisation
∗ China Social Media
∗ China Marketing Guru
∗ MarTech Integration
∗ User Engagement
∗ SaaS Operation
∗ Social Media Operation
∗ Live Streaming Operation

What’s most important to your China Marketing?

What ever is important to you, chances are, like most businesses you spend thousands a year in search of it.
Chances are, what you are looking for is customer loyalty?
Customer engagement?

Chinese Customer Engagement begins with UX -User Experience

If you are like many brands, you spend a lot of time and money on driving traffic to your site to harvest leads and converting those leads to customers.
Nothing wrong with that.

Where you may have issues is the impression or experience your potential customer has when she first lands on your site or interacts with your people. If this UX is not great, she hits the back button.

Female consumer shopping on mobile phone

This is problematic for you in 3 ways:

1/ You have just blown a % of your ad budget – wasted cash.

2/ She is NOT going to refer her friends to you- she may warn them off. [And we know how fast bad news travels.]

3/ Too many back button clicks and search bots will be reluctant to serve your site – to anyone.

Who – is Everlyne Yu?

Everlyne Yu: Uengager, speaker, lecturer, SaaS KOL

A marketing professional of 30+ years, partner in Bicyu; a China MarTech firm since 2003.

Recognised and popular speaker on MarTech and SaaS in China.

Working along side domestic and international businesses to successfully develop their brand and content in China

What is Uengager?

Uengager is a play on the phrase “You Engage Her.” [consumer] It was inspired from our experience reflecting many foreign brands contemplating coming to China were woefully ignorant of the real business and marketing landscape here yet willing to invest a small fortune in WeChat, KOL’s or Celebrity Marketing. Uengager builds with customers.

Chinese user engagement
Chinese user engagement
incredibly difficult to find current, reliable, factual, non propaganda English business data

To a large degree, this is understandable.
It is incredibly difficult to find current, reliable, factual, non propaganda English business data, news or info on China in China. Furthermore, most western mainstream media is skewed to an anti communist rhetoric- hardly useful for basing business decisions.
Our sister site, Aim2D was set up as a guide to a collection of China Biz news site we hope you find useful and relevant.

However, there are several other ways firms can improve their interaction and engagement with Chinese consumers, for example optimising their website for Chinese viewers and training their people. These form the base of our services.

Uengager Services: Introduction

A general overview of what we can do for you because your business is unique.

From SME to a multi national, we scale to create a bespoke solution, fitting your needs, budget and resources exactly.


When most people think of website optimisation they tend to associate it with SEO. Setting off arm bells. Rightly so.

However, it is important not to confuse the name- which became synonymous with cheats, liars and crooks, with the actual scientific process.

But if we look at it from the perspective of CEO -Customer Experience Optimisation- then it begins to make sense to ensure your website performs at its best. Yes?


Many companies believe they take it seriously, but oft just “pay lip service” by limiting it to their customer support staff.

But, to be successful in China, or anywhere, a brand needs to portray a unified image and message throughout its total consumer interaction.

That means having the entire staff on board, from the cleaning lady to delivery drivers down to the C Suite and CEO- maybe you!
It must be company wide- or not at all

News and MarTech

We’ve kept this last because many firms already spend big with domestic marketing firms or Chinese celebrities.

But, if your website sucks, [sorry about that] or your departments are silo’d to a point where index finger doesn’t even know Pinky exists- then what is the point? Really?

So yep, we provide China marketing. But we prefer to focus on your website and company structure first. As mentioned above, Aim2D is our free portal for relevant, China Biz news and stories.

Develop an Engagement with me now

Everlyne 于宜杉-Uengager CEO

于宜杉- Everlyne:

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