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Online chicken influencer

On line china influencer now in chicken business

Probably, like most people, when you think of “influencers,” KOL’s, live streaming your mind tends to drift, unconsciously towards grandeur. Fashion, haut couture, perfumes, luxury watches and devices. Ours too. Unlikely to think of poultry poo and chicken feathers. Then we stumbled across this. Is she influencing hens?

According to an article on The China Daily, Li Meng, an online influencer living in the countryside in Danfeng county, Shangluo, Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, started eco-breeding business with her husband this year.

She raised free-range chickens and sold them online, which turned out to be a success. Li then set up a company with her husband to expand the breeding scale, and attracted poor households at her village to join the business.

That’s about it. No mention of exactly what it was she “influenced” before becoming a hen breeder. However some interesting photos can be found, again, courtesy of China Daily.

If you are hatching a great business idea or China, get in touch with Everlyne. She knows nothing about plucking chickens, but is a cracking eggspurt at China Engagement marketing.
Ok, we know this isn’t punny so we’ll leave you to check the article.

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