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China Customer On-boarding: User Orientation

a woman engaged in her web site

This article on Customer On-boarding: User Orientationis another in our simple basic “what is” series written for beginners or novices. It is not an indepth, tech dissertation.

Uengager: China Customer Welcome

Chinese consumers like to feel valued, respected, part of the brand family. She needs convincing she made a wise choice in selecting your site. A powerful first time welcome as part of your CRM puts her at ease and constructs trust. An outstanding UX encourages engagement.

  • On boarding / welcoming begins the moment she becomes a visitor
  • A powerful welcome reinforces her decision to shop, reinforces your brands reputation
  • Complex, user unfriendly websites inspires users to hit the back button
  • Team Uengager helps you to make your Chinese website more intuitive, user friendly

Most of us are familiar with Orientation or on boarding practices and process that organisations run to induct and familiarise new employees with essential skills to get them productive. Now in the digital era, that same idea has emigrated to customer or user on-boarding.

Customer On-boarding: China User Orientation

Customer onboarding should start from the moment the visitor hits your site. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate with the initial first time visitor welcome through to the sales team’s initial work in signing the client up. Humans generally feel a sense of euphoria and pleasure after a purchase, customer on-boarding should build on this.

Welcoming your Chinese Customer

From a customer standpoint, it reinforces their decision to spend money, building on the high impression they had of your product and organisation.

In UX we talked about searchers goals or expectations. Likewise, your new customer has expectations of your product. On boarding helps make sure those expectations are met.

Customers are more likely to refer your product through her WeChat

Enhancing customers experience solidifies your brand by cementing a closer relationship with the customer, seed bed for brand loyalty.

Asian consumer carrying shopping bags
Asian consumer carrying shopping bags

Without On Boarding

Remember, bad news spreads much faster than good. The money you have invested in marketing has effectively been flushed down the toilet.

Human resource experts and good managers know is it more cost effective to retain existing talent than recruit new. The same is true of customers.
Wasted marketing dollars, lost potential customers maybe compounded by customer support team turn over- too many angry emails or phone calls.
Lack of any of customer onboarding filters down to many difficulties.

woman searching for something she can't find
woman searching for something she can’t find

First time users signing into a new account are met with a complex, user unfriendly website that does nothing to help them find what they are looking for.

Many E-comm or large corporate sites, such as Health / Fitness, Travel / Tourism, Banking / Finance, Education, E-tail, Insurance are guilty of this.

Any positivity or love he may have had for your brand very quickly evaporates. This likely translates to an angry email to your help or support team as well as negative revues, comments on as many BBS and social sites he can find.

Chinese Customer On-boarding and your brand

Customer onboarding focuses on improving the customer experience and developing brand consumer relationships so is basically relevant to any business that wants to improve UX and customer value.

Anything you do that helps make your Chinese website more intuitive with interactive builds customer . Customers easily learn and become experienced, confident users without your customer support team getting involved.

Looking for objective, business orientated latest news, views articles re Marketing, Tech or Social media in China?
Stay up to the moment with what’s hot with Chinese consumers.
Try our free Aim2D media site.

Customers who trust your brand and can confidently and easily navigate your site will return again and again. That’s good news for them and you.

The secret to customer success is to fully understand the customer’s online use of the product, and to solve their problems and confusion in a timely manner.


Uengager and China On Boarding

Uengager developed from WPBeijing Marketing Studio in 2003. During this time we have learnt that many international brands starting up in China do not understand the options open to them in so far a digital marketing and SaaS apps in China.

Whereas the Uengager team do.
In fact Ms YU, CEO and founder of Uengager is not just a recognised authority on SaaS and MarTech in China.

She has also authored several articles and on line classes (link in Chinese ) as well as being a popular seminar speaker.

WeChat QR Code
WeChat Everlyne now for a consultation
Everlyne 于宜杉-Uengager CEO
Everlyne 于宜杉-Uengager CEOhat E

The bottom line

As a business you will understand the concept and importance of: “the bottom line.”
But it’s equally important to your users, consumers also.

Time is money-for you – and customers
They don’t want to waste it figuring out how to use your site.

So let’s recap a little.
There are many SaaS apps you can add to your page to create a welcome and good build fabulous CRM.

But not all foreign brands are familar with or proficient with those available in China.

Uengager Martech support services range from training, SaaS App set up and monitoring to full marketing planning and implementation. Or anything in between.

Baidu Optimisation – SEM

Baidu may look like Google or Bing, but under the hood it is a different beast. Eg: Baidu still recognises keywords.

When most people think of website optimisation they tend to associate it with SEO. Setting off arm bells. Rightly so.

However, it is important not to confuse the name- which became synonymous with cheats, liars and crooks, with the actual scientific process.

But if we look at it from the perspective of CEO -Customer Experience Optimisation- then it begins to make sense to ensure your website performs at its best. Yes?

Training, Coaching,

Many companies believe they take it seriously, but oft just “pay lip service” by limiting it to their customer support staff.

But, to be successful in China, or anywhere, a brand needs to portray a unified image and message throughout its total consumer interaction.

That means having the entire staff on board, from the cleaning lady to delivery drivers down to the C Suite and CEO- maybe you!
It must be company wide- or not at all.

Talk to Everlyne about a training or update program tailored to your team, your budget, your needs.

Social Media; WeChat, Weibo

Chinese use social media for almost all everyday situations from booking tickets, paying accounts, ride hailing, shopping, travel, entertainment news and relaxation.

Mobile is the GOTO medium of choice, WeChat the current platform of choice.

Social Media could be your main branding, sales CRM and data tool in China. Introduction to WeChat Operation.~

Marketing, like many things in China is in a state of constant flux. It is difficult for in house teams to stay ahead or even up to date. Uengager can help.

Are you interested in current, breaking China business, marketing and tech news? Do you want more than the shallow, sleazy, salacious stories you read in western media? Follow us on Aim2D and always be up-to-date with today’s China.

Hello, Nihao, I’m Everlyne, I began Uengager as a SaaS MarTech company back in 2017. I am also a key note speaker, lecturer and KOL on MarTech in China.

In 2003 I co-founded WPBeijing Marketing Studio with Englishman Peter Bic, now known as Bicyu / Aim2D. I am CEO of both companies, facing customers.

I love to talk about and help people understand the amazing ways MarTech and SaaS can work to strengthen your business engagement with Chinese consumers, so please, drop me a line below, or give me a call.

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