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In case you missed it and are wondering who Bico Biz Bloc is, we are the company which supports the Aim2D, Bicyu and Uengager brands. Aim2D is, as you know, a media site bringing you the latest, real time news and updates about Business, Marketing, Tech and Social Media in China. Aim2D provides a convenient, one location portal for overseas companies thinking of and researching a China market entry or those already with a presence here.

Bicyu and Uengager are our MarTech brands. Bicyu is positioned for the European community. Uengager services the Chinese market with a focus on training although we do provide an English language informational website. Through Bicyu we are building a network or bloc of people with an interest in China.

“[Coronavirus] is a big crisis for companies all over the world, but it is also a big chance. Successful companies always emerge out of a crisis.”

Uniqlo, founder and chief, Tadashi Yanai

Do you agree with him?
Perhaps we should b e talking about a cooperation?

Maybe you are a writer or blogger with a focus on “things China” in your location. We are happy to link to them from Aim2D. Maybe you are a smaller, niche product or service which yu think is suite to China. Welcome to get in touch. Or maybe you are an agency with clients you want to introduce to the China market. Or vice verca. Either way, we believe China presents huge opportunities for those with foresight to see it. Let’s work together!

If you are thinking the foregoing is rather vague. Yes. It is. Deliberately We don’t want to put up fences and walls that narrow or limit imagination or creativity. Since Covid, many thinks have changed. The way we communicate, do business and more. The world has been thrown into disarray.

For some countries and regions it has been tough, Recovery seems a little way off in 2021. Other regions, such as Asia seem to have recovered more quickly. Both socially and economically. Maybe new power brokers will emerge in the future? What many are calling the “New Normal.” Be that as it may, at this stage, it does seem China is on track for recovery and, along with the rest of Asia and Europe the promise of good fortunes may lie ahead.

So, in short, if you have an interest in China, in any form or an idea and think there is an opportunity in cooperating- we want to hear it!

OK, today is Winter Solstice, the start of the winter holiday season for us so we will be taking a 7 or 10 day break. Of course, being an international business, the Bicyu team will be on standby during both the European and Asian New year Holiday festivals. But from us, @Aim2d thanks for reading – see you next year!

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Bicyu is a NZ registered, British owned MarTech business based in Beijing providing marketing, tech, education and information services to European, NZ, Australian, UK, African, and Asian firms doing business in China. We work with local ones too. We've been here doing this since 2003. We also incorporate Aim2D and Uengager in our small brand list.

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