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We Are Uengager- a China Customer Engagement Specialist.

Everlyne Yu, MarTech, SaaS, KOL, speaker, trainer
Everlyne Yu, MarTech, SaaS, KOL, speaker, trainer

In 2003 I co-founded a bilingual marketing studio here in Beijing.
We provided perfect English marketing copy for Chinese firms who anticipated hordes of English speaking customers during the 2008 Olympic Games.
All seems such a long time ago now.

Today, we still provide China MarTech services to both domestic and European organisations.
Some you may recognise.

Selection of brands we have worked with

Uengager however, takes a more focused approach. Times change, especially in China where the ever demanding consumer is now more so. There is no substitute for a solid, marketing plan and campaign, but today it must be well grounded to a customer engagement philosophy.

This means optimising your website so visitors are personally welcomed and made to feel recognised, respected and valued. But this is only superficial if later interaction, with either humans or chatbots is mediocre or poor.

To be successful and credible in consumers eyes, Customer Engagement must be adopted company wide.

This means dismantling department silo’s and embracing a training regime that reaches everyone from the tea lady down to the CEO! When everyone is on the same “team,” working from the same playbook, customers benefit.
We are registered to legally issue China tax invoices and we accept RMB, Euro and Sterling

Our working languages are Chinese and English. Naturally we anticipate your China venture will be a Chinese team. Therefore our training is largely Chinese based. Please call me, Everlyne, personally to discuss other languages you might have an interest in

Everlyne 于宜杉-Uengager CEO

于宜杉- Everlyne:

Uengager synopsis; optimising your brands websites and team – assisting you to provide superior engagement to your customers

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