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Toast 2 Success

A Chinese proverb says: “the hardest journey begins with the first small step.”

So it is with business in China.
We know only too well.
Back in 2003 we launched WPBeijing, our first marketing studio. We learnt a lot in a hurry. Today we are in a good position to share our knowledge.

Since then we have worked with many international firms. Some who thought it was too hard. It is hard, make no mistake, but not too hard.

UX in China starts with User Engagement, and that is all about honesty and transparency. Treating your customer as a person. As the proverb says, it all begins with one small step. In this case; contact me, Everlyne Yu. If you are in China, I invite you to chat with me live on mobile +86-186-11765649

That is what we are about, honest, frank, no strings discussion, so go ahead, take the first step now, engage with me ~

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